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The Largest Driving Institute In Sabah !!!

Company Profile

Winajasa Driving Institute (IMW) is a motor vehicles driving based educational institution, which began operations upon obtaining the approval permit from the Institutional Driving Licensee Committee on the 8th of September 2008, in accordance with the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 and commenced full operations on the 24th of May 2009. However, IMW has been established by it’s founders on the 14th of March 2006 with their experience in driving school operation for more than 20 years and to ensure that all motor vehicle drivers have a valid license which is recognized by the JPJ Malaysia. IMW was located at light industry area, Jalan Tombovo-Meruntum, Putatan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu.


Company Background

  1. Is the company which owns and operates the Institute.
  2. Carry out activities / business development and operation on conducting the driving academy.
  3. Office location was initially located in Api-api Centre, Kota Kinabalu.
  4. The driving institute is wholly directed by Wong C.K.


Vision, Mission and Objective

  • Vision      –    To ensure Winajasa Sdn Bhd Driving Institute become a quality dynamic driving institute and competitive.
  • Mission    –    To ensure that learning and training meet the requirements of the road laws.
  • Objective –    To ensure that every motor vehicle drivers have a valid driving license and recognized by JPJ Malaysia. In addition,

Winajasa Sdn Bhd also support the government in creating a prudent in public safety driver and to reduce road accidents.

Construction Process

The building and circuit was built on a 6.25 acres land area in an area known as kg. Ketiau. This area originally is an area of bushes close to a small industrial area in Tomboyo.

Plan for the construction of this building proposal was approved on the November 2007. The building was completed arround the year 2008 and officially began operations on the 24th of May 2009.


Infrastructure Facilities

1) Driving circuit that according to the set of specifications.

2) Kulaih halls equipped with adequate teaching aids and can accomodate by as many as 50 candidates for each hall.

3) Adequate vehicle for training and assessment.

4) Building for JPJ officers (used during assessment)

5) Canteen and computer training for candidates.

6) Adequate parking spaces for the public.

7) Surau for the candidate who want to pray.

8) Comfortable toilets for candidates.


Operation and Services

At the earlier stage of operation, Winajasa Driving Institute appoints several staffs to ensure that the operation is running smoothly.

All staffs have been appointed responsibilty for Winajasa Driving Institute to become a quality dynamic driving institute and competitive in accordance with it’s vision.


Prime Operation Employees

1) Manager

Daily management is managed by a full-time manager who has considerable experience in administration and management.

2) SPIM holder/ KPP/QTI speaker

Aided by 8 supported staffs to manage the administration and finance. However, this amount will be added from time to time as needed.

3) Administration/Finance

14 tutors that are experienced and with certificate of Driving Institute (SPIM), 4 CIO speakers & 2 instructors that qualified as a speaker and QTI evaluator. IMW will train more tutors and instructors.



In conclusion, Winajasa Driving Institute is a well equipped with modern facilities, comfortable infrastructure and qualified experienced trainers.

In accordance with the vision, mission and objectives, Winajasa Driving Institute will definitely become one of the leading driving institute in Malaysia, especially Sabah.


Official Visit by:

Ketua Pengarah Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia, Dato’ Solah bin Mat Hassan

16th JUNE 2009